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Every student comes to a teacher in search of knowledge, but often times they don’t have a clear perception of what they wish to gain. In my studio, students will find that the more they learn and are exposed to new ideas, the more curiosities they may find.

As a teacher, I believe it’s important to let the student lead- first giving them a foundation to jump off from, and then letting their curiosity guide the learning process. Since every student comes into a lesson with different stumbling-blocks, experiences, and goals, I believe that it is the teacher’s responsibility to be a flexible resource for their students.

As a generalist myself, I have found that viewing music in a holistic manner has been a very effective way to view music in a comprehensive way. I teach music in a way that values all aspects of music as equally important, be it the theory behind a piece, the history that surrounded or lead to a particular composition and/or performance, aural skills, performance, improvisation, and personal connection to a piece of music. Music cannot be experienced to it’s full greatness without exploring these aspects and more, so my teaching centers around giving students the freedom to explore music in a myriad of ways.